Friday, 9 March 2012


We shot the film over three days. On the first day of filming, we found that our actor playing Andy had cancelled, telling us that he would suddenly be busy today and would have to make it tomorrow instead. We tried that day to shoot what we could of the film just using Vinnie, but this was difficult as there were not many scenes where he didn't interact with Andy or the girl, who, as it turned out, would also be busy that day. In the end that day turned into more of a practice filming, as we noticed when we looked back at the footage that because a lot of the shots were hand held due to space issues the shots turned out to be too shaky or over lit.
The shaky camera also made it look as though he was being watched because it looked like a first person view, so I ended up using this footage only once, where Vinnie actually does feel as though he's being watched.
The sound however turned out better in these shots than in the actual take, so although we fixed the visual aspect of the film, the sound somehow managed to get worse as we progressed.
The second day of filming turned out to be better, although it was not without its share of problems. For a start the actor that had assured us that 'tomorrow would be better' failed to turn up again, and so the owner of the spare car we were using as lighting had to step in and act as Andy, as we were running out of time and could not wait on the original actor any longer. Luckily the actress playing Vinnie's girl eventually turned up and that day we were able to shoot half the film, including reshooting the failed footage from the day before, this time knowing to use the tripod.

 The second day was also the day we filmed the majority of the car sequences, as previously stated we used aerial shots and location shots to plan out the route the car would take and to look at possible camera positions for the best scenes to show the car in action.
On the final day of filming we shot the last half of the film. The most difficult part of day three and indeed of the whole shoot was the elevator scene, where Vinnie is tied up. This was because we were using a public car park and didn't know whether a customer was trying to use the elevator or not. The doors kept trying to close and it was a rush to get people organised and the scene shot so that we could leave the elevator as soon as possible so as to cause as little disruption to the car park as possible. It also didn't help that the corridor the elevator was situated in was vey cramped and it was difficult to get a good camera angle in the small space along with the tripod, other equipment and the crew.

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