Sunday, 4 November 2012

Furnace Guy and Interior Environments

 Some images of my other character 'Furnace Guy' a stationary furnace, in his room in the factory, including the chess board and pieces  all fully textured and bump mapped.

These images are of the entrance room in the factory, rows of dusty bookshelves creating a darkened corridor leading into the building. lit from the front by the outside moonlight shining through the windows and from behind by a single yellowed light bulb.

Bonus image of the outside again, as I decided to change it slightly since the last post, I placed a statue in the village square and added a sky box  for more dynamic shots of the surroundings and a better sense of scale for the character. The only thing missing in this shot is the rain, but as I have said previously, I plan to add that in After Effects, for quicker rendering.

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