Thursday, 23 January 2014

Client Project: New character designs

Since I uploaded the old character designs, the whole idea for our client project was changed. The main character design needed changing as the old one was considered 'too old' to be seen as relateable to the target audience and had the problem that his design was 'inherently grumpy' meaning that it would be difficult to show that character expressing any emotion other than negative ones, which didn't fit our story, where the character needed to show a transformation to happiness and other emotions such as the wonder of discovery etc.

Therefor here are the new designs for out main character, now named 'Gavin', he is much younger, is a simple and basic design so the audience can project themselves onto the character, and relate better to him, and has a taller thinner more 'noodley' design, thus making him easier to model and animate.

'Gavin 1'

'Gavin 2'
He is drawn both with and without glasses because when he travels through to the world with glass, he finds a pair of glasses that help him see the world more clearly.

We also added more characters to the story that the main character would encounter on his journey, each of the characters needed to be dynamic in the rage of expressions they could project as they would be shown as angry grumpy cold and resentful in the world without glass, and as being happy cheerful at ease and jolly in the world with glass as their problems have been fixed with the use of a glass product.

The first one was a angry middle aged man, who is shown to be struggling to write a letter in the world without glass, and then in the world with glass he would be writing the same letter using a laptop:


The second was an old lady who ran a flower shop, her problem was that because she had no windows, all her flowers were dead. She also needed glasses and could not read the bank notes handed to her by Gavin.


The third character was a young woman Gavin bumps into as he leaves the flower shop, her problem is that she is carrying a large stack of documents and books and as Gavin bumps into her, they fall all over the place. In the world with glass she is shown using a tablet to access all her books and documents.


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