Friday, 28 October 2011

Interactive Project, Planning

We started a new project called 'Interaction'. Our brief is this:
Create an interactive space using digital stills and HTML/CSS which visitors can explore.
Design a space where visitors are able to move through a sequence of images through a selection of implicit and explicit HTML links. Consider how you create relationships between images through their logical association. Use appropriate way finding methods to aid navigation provide opportunities for visitors to make decisions through using branching and looping.

My initial idea is to try and create an 'Escape the Room/ Point and Click' style game, where the user finds them self in a locked area, and they have to use clues and look for tools to escape.

I originally had a much more complex idea, where multiple tools would have to be picked up and even combined in order for the character to progress, but as this would mean a great many mirror worlds would be needed and keeping track of them would get confusing. Time would also be an issue with more complex ideas, as we only have three weeks for this task, and I have yet to learn how to use the software (Adobe Dreamweaver).

In the end I went with a far more simplistic approach using only one tool (the key). This means only one mirror world needs to be created and is more likely to be completed within the given time.
In order to help me keep track of what I’m doing, I have drawn up a flow chart of where the rooms will be and how they will link with each other, and also notes of what they might contain;

This is only a first draft, so the plan may change depending on how I can create the images (photographs/ illustrations etc.) and time constraints, and my next step will be to start looking into this.