Saturday, 8 October 2011

Practice Filming

Yesterday we were told to practice using the cameras, we went into the park and had to shoot a short video of people being interviewed about the dissapearence of a dog.
After shooting this we returned to the University, where we watched the film back and gave constructive criticism on how ourselves and other groups could improve their filming technoques for next time.

In this long shot for example, there were several mistakes. Firstly the background, though a good location, is too bright, this could be improved by usung controld on the camera itself, such as making the iris smaller to let in less light, adjusting the white balance or activating a filter that darkens the whole scene without changing the vibrency of the colours.
The subject is also positioned in the centre of the screen, this gives the impression of being the presenter, rather than a person being interviewed.

In this close up scene, you can see how the subject once again is in a presentor role, making eye contact and talking directly to the camera, in an interview, the subject should sit off to one side of the frame and look across the shot, speaking to the unseen interviever placed to the side of the camera.
Another problem present in both above scenes is that the person being interviewed uses their hand a lot while explaining their point, this is no t uncommon, but with such bright nails, could be distracting for the viewer. A way this could be improved is by adjusting the shot so that the hands are not visable, or to just ask the person to try and keep their hands still while speaking.

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