Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Problems and Feedback

Some of the problems I experienced while creating this animation and how I went about solving them.

Because I created the character rigs while at university, on the 2013 version of 3ds max, when I got home and tried to edit them on my 2012 version, I got a missing file error; a they had obviously updated the rig technology between versions. Basically it refused to open the file. In order to solve this problem I installed the 2013 version, which fortunately is free to me as a student, however after installing 2013 and attempting to use it, I had more problems.
2012 files opened in 2013 would cause the frame rate to drop to around 0.02 fps and below, making the scene literally impossible to work in.
In the end I found that the problem was the nitrous graphics processing system in 3ds max in 2013 that apparently can have problems running on some PCs. To solve this problem I changed the graphics system to my PC's Graphic Processor Unit which solved the fps issue.

While attempting to render scenes quite late on in the animation, some of the rigs were showing in the render even though I had set all the bones to 'non-renderable' this one stumped me for a while,. After trying a variety of variations of making bones unrenderable without success, it turned out that some of the bones had become attached to the model itself; however these were duplicates of the bones in the actual rig, so deleting the attached bones did not affect the working rig.

When attempting to import the rigged characters into the scene files, either the rig would distort horribly, causing massive inflation of some model parts, like the feet while shrinking parts like the entire upper body. Or the model would import without the rig at all.
I never found the cause of this issue; however I did solve the problem by making duplicates of the rig file and importing the scenes into the rig, rather than the rig into the scenes.

During lip syncing I found that the speech I had intended for April to say was in fact said in the clip by Donatello. In order to solve this I imported the sound clip into Adobe Audition and edited the tone and pitch, to make it sound as female as possible without speeding it up or distorting it.

I showed the final render to some friends and family and asked for their thoughts and any feedback for improvements I could make.

Some of the most frequent feedback I got, and how I addressed it:

·         Too much time at the start spent just looking at the sky, gets boring
- Cut some of the sky from the start of the video to speed up the time it takes to get to the titles

·         Not enough time spent on the titles or the newspaper clippings, too quick to read
- Slowed the speed of the clip so that each clip spent more time on screen to be read, only had to sacrifice black spaces between fading in and out so that wasn't a problem and didn't require me to lengthen the animation.

·         Some of the sounds were a bit choppy, it was very obvious where id taken clips from the show
- I added an overall ambiance track to the whole film o help blend the clips in to the sound of the rest of the video
- I also added more and longer fade ins and outs of the audio clips.

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