Sunday, 27 October 2013

Client Project: Planning

The Brief:
You are invited to submit a piece(s) of your creative work which could highlight aspects of what you love about Nottingham? What would you love Nottingham to be celebrated for? Be as creative, unique, experimental and expressive as you like within the categories of your choice based around the theme. The most successful of past winners have not only been creative but they have met the brief and have given us a new way of seeing Nottingham.

       For my client project I have chosen to do 'Nottingham loves... nature and wildlife'

       As the target audience I've selected is children and families with young children (the group most likely to want to visit places like city farms and other wildlife and nature parks), I chose to do an animation in a cartoon/ puppetry style as children would find this more visually appealing.The animations will be simple and brightly colored and will appear alongside facts and information about the places around Nottingham you can go to see wildlife and other animals, including family days out etc.Some slides will also have information on how to be more aware of nature in your area and suggest fun projects for children and parents on how to help and protect wildlife in their own backyard.This project is relevant to me because I love nature and love visiting the places mentioned in my project.

       these are the locations that will be included in my project as backgrounds and some of the information will be about them:

The Arboretum
Sherwood Forest
Wollaton Park
Stonebridge City Farm
The Great Oak
White Post Farm
Attenborough Nature Centre

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