Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Research Project: Question, Hypothesis and Artifacts

My Research Question:

"How does one preserve the aesthetic of the original concept art throughout the animation/games production workflow?"

In this research I plan to investigate characters progress through initial design phases to 3D models, and determine the importance of decisions such as poly count and texturing choices in creating an accurate 3D representation of the original artwork and technical designs.

My Hypothesis:

I believe that 3D models with a higher poly count will better preserve the details seen in the original artwork, however being higher poly will maximize rendering time and be more difficult to use in games or animations.

I also think that low poly models can also retain a significant amount of data (despite the lack of base model detail) through use of techniques such as bump mapping and texturing.

Artifact 1:

Moving from concept art to 3D models. Examining the workflow as a character or creature progresses from original concept art, through technical designs and eventually translates to the 3D model

My plan for this artifact is to design two creatures, a complex and detailed one and a more rounded simplistic one, creating artwork for each, taking that artwork through to technical drawings, front, side and three quarters etc. Then using the drawings, create the creatures as a 3D models. From this I can assess the process of artwork to model first hand.

Artifact 2:

How does the poly-count of the models and texture/mapping techniques effect how accurate the 3D model is to the original concept designs?

Using the 3D models of the creatures from my first artifact  I will reproduce the character as a low poly structure, and a second iteration with a high poly count, seeing which work best for looking close as possible to the original design while maintaining functionality. I will also compare the use of the polys, from the simplistic to complex models to see if the necessary number of polys changes to maintain the detail of each.

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