Sunday, 12 February 2012

Final Character Images

These were the final model drawings for my character:

I also created two comic book covers/ posters for my character as well, using pencil sketches and Photoshop.

The positions I chose to draw him in are to represent the fact that he can be a strong and powerful warrior, as shown in the low camera shot, with him standing tall, looming ominously over the viewer, but he could also be shown to have a more vulnerable and human side, looking occasionally thoughtful or contemplative, or occasionally showing remorse and sadness.

I was very pleased with how the posters turned out. At first the title of the comic was in black and white, and while this looked good in itself, as a whole picture it looked all too plain against the vibrant blue of the character, so in the end I changed it to red, as more blue was far too much for the page and red contrasted nicely.

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