Thursday, 2 February 2012

Character Design and 3D Update

OK so, I decided on which of the previous four was going to be my superhero, and I also decided that the praying mantis looking creature (now called Xalek) is going to be his assistant who works in the lab for him, these are the pictures I'm going to use for the posters:

They're pretty rough at the moment but hopefully they'll look good once they're finished. I still haven't decided on on hero name for this character, but I'm thinking something along the lines of 'Frost Bite' 'Dark Blizzard' 'Cryo' or 'Glacialis' Etc. The reason I chose this character is that he best suits the Ice landscape that is rapidly taking shape in 3Ds Max. The spikes on his armor are made from icicles and his weapon is carved ice.
On a similar note these are some screen shots from my 3D environment so far:

The base does have a roof, but its currently invisible so that I can work inside the building. Currently I'm putting down the tracks that the camera will fly through on and tweaking the lighting. I'm also thinking of changing the texture of the portal and arc reactor. 
Some of the hardest parts so far have been the making the grated floors and handrails and modifying the textures, especially figuring out how to get textures onto unusual objects, but now that I know how, it seems so much easier. I have also had some trouble getting the camera tracks in the correct level, I still haven't managed to get the tracks smooth, and there are a lot of sharp corners that need evening out. One of my favorite parts is the snow, which you cant see from the screen shots, but falls from the orange boxes above the environment.

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