Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Moving Image

This modules title was 'interpretation'. We were put into groups and assigned a script which we had to interpret what we thought it should be shot as and the style the film should be.
In our groups we were allocated specific roles and had to make sure we researched and understood what our role entailed, and then perform that role to the best of our abilities.
Each group member, st the end of the five weeks, had to produce their own edit of the final film.
The roles that I was given in this project were Lighting, Props and Storyboarding.
For my role in lighting I first looked at how lights should be set up in an ideal shot, for this I looked at videos on YouTube such as these:

As well as watching many examples of set lighting, especially set lighting at night, as the film we would be shooting would be in the dark, I also read countless forums where people were discussing variations of set lighting and techniques that worked best for them, and read pages of information about the technological side of lighting, the best lights to get and how to handle them.

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