Sunday, 12 February 2012

Self Evaluation for DP2: 3D Animation Project

In my environment I was trying to get across the idea of the terrain being as cold and barren as possible. The way in which I attempted to do this was to fill it with cold icy rocks and mounds of snow. There were no trees or plants growing, and I used the particle effects engine to generate heavy snow falling from the sky.

The other thing I wanted to do was to make the place look eerie and deserted. The way I accomplished this was to attach the only light source (other than the glowing reactor and portal) to the camera itself, so that the objects in the rooms would come looming creepily out of you from the darkness.

In my character design I was trying to express the fact that his powers were based in domination and control, and so I designed him to give him a look of strength and weight with a aura of darkness. This is shown in the design by my use of heavy armor covered in sharp spikes and large, formidable weapons.

Design methods I used, for character design were to start from the beginning with the most basic ideas and themes, creating brainstorms of characters based on simple shapes and ideas, along with notes of how each drawing would look to a viewer and how they might be improved upon, working up to my final design.
With my environment, I also drew out room plans and ideas of what the environment would be like and what it could contain, many of the ideas made it into the final design, however others were scrapped or changed.

Some of the problems I had during production were that the snow was not showing up on the final render at all, as there was too little of it to register.
In order to fix the issue I was having with the snow, I simply added more particle generators into the environment and angled them against each other to make it like more like a blizzard and for there to be enough particles to register.

While rendering the video, I followed the tutorial and saved the files starting at 00000, so that the files would number upward and be in the correct order for Premiere to import. However, once the files saved and I tried to import them into premiere, I found that the video it created cut off at 15 seconds.
To fix the problem with the 15 second video, I had to go into the jpg files and look over the file name, here I found that occasionally a random file number was missing from the sequence (eg. 00756) and this was causing the import to cut off when it hit this missing file. The files that were missing were saved under different names at the end of the sequence.I simply had to rename the files so that they took their proper place in the sequence and re-import the footage.

There are a few points in which I believe I could have improved on. The textures that used on my design I think gave a good insight into the image I had originally wished to portray, but if I was able to get access to more detailed library of materials and also a better understanding of how to manipulate these materials I feel I could have developed exactly the image I wanted. After doing more in-depth research into the program I was able to identify that it was possible to use higher-end and better rendering programs than the one I used, the only problem was that they were a lot more detailed and complex, If I had been able to gain a better understanding of these rendering programs I feel I would have been able to manipulate them to produce a higher quality Final Render.

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